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Moving Labor Help Prices

What’s the cost to hire movers locally?

Our local moving labor helper charge by the hourly rate for hiring 2 moving labor helpers will cost you between $100 and $120 per hour. Our minimum cost is 2 moving labor helpers for 2 hours for $200 with each additional hour for the 2 moving labor helpers at $90 per hour. Moving supplies such as dollies, bubble wrap, blankets, tape, etc. will be additional cost due to each move being unique in nature moving supply needs will vary. We will gladly pickup and bring the needed supplies along with a receipt or invoice to the moving job.

Payment is required before we start the job. We will invoice our customers in advance so they can use their credit card for payments to confirm their appointment date and time. Most customers don't won't to have to go to there bank to get large sums of cash especially when they are moving only to get misplaced or lost. We will accept cash payments upon arrival but its not our normal policy for the safety of our moving labor helpers and customers as well.

Every single dollar counts regardless of whether you’re organizing a local or cross country move. We realize this and try to be the most affordable moving labor helper company in Plano, TX, Dallas, TX and Memphis, TN surrounding areas. We will never lose your business over a reasonable offer from you or that our competition has made to you. We love & value all our customers and treat them like family because we know that moving can be one of the most stressful times in a person or family life.

Depending on where you live, state and metro area, the rates and the overall local moving cost will vary. You will be charged an hourly rate for the time movers spent working on your move. This hourly rate applies whether the movers are wrapping, loading or driving from point A to point B.

Travel fees may also apply depending on the pickup location. In many cases, this fee could be negotiated between us (the moving company) and you (the customer) depending on the travel distance to the customer moving location. You may also be charged for packing materials. Make sure you keep this in mind when you ask them to estimate your moving costs. You can use a local moving cost calculator as a cost estimator for your entire move.

Of course, the size of your home does matter when calculating the cost of local moving. Taking into account the average charge of around $50 per hour per mover, here are some examples or approximate costs you can expect for your local move:

  • Moving out of a studio apartment with the help of 2 local moving labor helpers will cost you around $200-$300 if the entire loading, transportation and unloading operations are complete within 2-3 hours.
  • Moving out of a 2-bedroom apartment or house (approximately 1000 square feet) will probably cost you between $425 and $525 if 3 local moving labor helpers complete the local relocation job in 5-6 hours.
  • If you’re moving out of a 3-bedroom apartment or house (roughly 2000 square feet), expect to pay $875-$975 for a local moving crew of 4 moving labor helpers who manage to finish the local move in about 8-9 hours.
  • If your home is larger than the above examples, then the moving price can go up from there based on a number of factors. Still, your best option to have a better idea of how much local movers cost is to use the local cost calculation tool so that you can set your moving budget the right way.

Speaking of your moving budget, let’s not forget the additional local moving costs which you should be prepared to pay.

  • In most cases, be ready to pay an extra $45-$55 for each additional professional moving labor helper you hire.
  • Most local moving companies will gladly offer you the extra service of packing and unpacking your household items. If you decide to take advantage of that offer, expect to be charged between $45 and $55 per hour for the additional service. You will need to pay extra for the packing materials because every home is different and require different moving supplies. Supply cost vary by location so we will always be transparent and straight forward with receipts or invoices. We do not up-charge or try to make a profit off the cost of the supplies at all.
  • If you’re happy with the way your local movers handled your relocation, you may as well reward their efforts by offering them an appropriate tip. Tipping is always appreciated and is a good way of saying, “Great job, guys!”. As a rule of thumb, tipping for local moving goes around $5-$10 per mover per hour, or approximately 10-15% of the total moving cost. Of course, you can always tip your local moving labor helpers more if you’re really satisfied with their job. Just don’t ever commit the rookie mistake of giving the lump sum to one person – instead, hand each moving labor helper their share.