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All Needs Covered LLC

House, Apartment and Commercial Services

Junk Removal Services

Junk & Trash Removal Services

Junk & Trash Removal Rates

Junk & trash removal rates include removal, clean-up, and disposal and/or donation. Truck loads are based on estimated weight and approximated space being used in each truck. All rates include dump fees provided the junk removal is less than 2,000 pounds. Junk removal is offered 7 days a week throughout Plano, TX, Dallas-Forth Worth, Memphis, TN and surrounding cities.

Our junk and trash removal rates apply to jobs that require moving, lifting or carrying anything from inside a home, apartment, condo, backyard, or building. Prices below are estimates only because each job is unique in nature:

1/4 truck load……. $150-$249

1/2 truck load……. $250-$349

3/4 truck load……. $350-$449

Full truck load…… $450-$549

Depending on the scope of the job these prices could be more or could be less. Most of our customers pay the lower price because we treat all our customers like family members. We will never try to "nickel and dime" or oversell our customers because we want recurring customers that refer us to their friends & family. So please allow us to come out and give you the best possible price or most of our customers send pictures or even video clips to get a more accurate junk removal price quote . In order to do that we need to see the actual job and know the details of how you want the junk removal process done. We will always give our expertise and advice on the best way but some customers like to have things done a specific way. 

We will never lose a customers business over price because we will always match any of our competitors reasonable price. Solid fill is priced differently and would need a site inspection first. Prices will vary based on weight and size. We are charged based on estimated weight to dispose of junk removal items. Example- removing a 600lb gun safe that may only take up 1/4 truck load will cost more due to its weight and required crew members it take to remove item from house or business location.  

We offer a 10% senior citizen discount, 10% discount to veterans and 10% discount for repeat customers.

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The Services We Perform

All Needs Covered LLC specialize in the removal of junk & trash from homes, businesses, construction sites, garages, warehouses — basically anywhere you have junk or trash. We do all the loading, sorting and clean-up, so that you don’t have to. Junk & trash removal services we provide:

✓ Hoarder House Cleanup

✓ Yard Debris

✓ Sheds

✓ Play sets

✓ Carpeting

✓ Wood Burning Stoves

✓ Ride Mowers

✓ Remodeling and Construction Debris

✓ Books

✓ Pools

✓ Drywall

✓ Moving/Downsizing

✓ Estate Clean outs

✓ Foreclosure and REO Bank Clean outs

✓ Vehicles

✓ Refrigerators

✓ Sofas

✓ Tables & Chairs

✓ Household Junk

✓ Old Clothes

✓ Tires

✓ Wood

✓ Grills

✓ Scrap Metal

✓ Rubbish Removal and Disposal

✓ Fire Damage

✓ Recycling

In a nut shell, we take just about anything! If you don’t see specific junk Items above, just call (214) 888-6891. We Do It All!

Your Junk & Trash Removal Professionals

One of the hardest facets of garbage, junk, and other trash in the house or commercial building is figuring out how to dispose of it. While everyday garbage can be entrusted to the local garbage company, it's not that easy when it comes to yard waste, appliances, or electronics. These items don't belong in landfills, and most garbage providers won't take them.

All Needs Covered Services is in your neighborhood and happy to help with your junk removal needs. We service a 20 mile radius of Plano, TX and Memphis, TN. We are currently expanding as well. We're the best and family owned junk removal service, and we've provided our trusted junk removal since 2013. Beyond simply meeting the needs of the community, we believe in a commitment to responsible removal and recycling. After all, we recycled before it was cool.


At All Needs Covered Services, we understand how important it is to prevent computers, monitors, TVs, refrigerators, and other potentially harmful appliances and electronics from ending up in local landfills. Not only do these junk items contain chemicals and other contents not suitable for the environment, the materials they are constructed from do not degrade over time. This means they'll be sitting in landfills for decades.

Our goal is to meet or exceed all local regulations regarding recycling and junk disposal. In the event that local legislation and guidelines fail to adequately protect the environment, All Needs Covered Services adopts its own regulations to ensure that the environment is protected from harmful items in landfills.

We live up to our promise in two ways. First, we continuously monitor the volume, content, and landfill diversion of all the junk we collect. Second, we ensure that all employees and stakeholders of All Needs Covered Services understand their role and responsibility in helping us meet our environmental vision.


If junk is cluttering up your basement or taking over the garage, don't haul it out to the curb or the end of the driveway for the garbage company. You'll probably end up just hauling right back to where it was because those providers won't haul away most junk. Instead, call All Needs Covered Services for assistance in removing some of the following junk items:

Old Appliances

Outdated or Broken Electronics

Unused Bicycles

Old Mattresses

Broken or Unused Hot Tubs

Old Carpet

Yard Waste (Including grass clippings, yard trimmings, tree branches, stumps, and shrubs)


All Needs Covered Services are also available to commercial customers. For example, we offer affordable junk removal to property management groups that require estate clean outs in the event of unexpected vacancies. We also work with construction and demolition contractors to haul away concrete, masonry, asphalt, drywall, roofing, and insulation. We even work with professional office groups to haul away old furniture or assist in responsibly recycling old equipment, such as computers, monitors, fax machines, and printers.


The best part about working with All Needs Covered Services is that you won't lift a finger. Just point and junk disappears! When you call us we will send a minimum of a two-person crew of professionals to your home or office to provide you with a no-obligation quote for your junk removal and even start the job immediately.

If you approve that estimate, we'll get started right away hauling out your junk. Don't worry though, you still don't have to do a thing. We'll go to the junk in your property, be it in the basement or up on a higher level of an office building. We'll take care of hauling it to our trucks and loading it up for removal.

When we're done with the job, we'll even sweep up the area before we leave so you aren't left with a mess to clean up. Generally speaking, we'll haul away any non-hazardous items that a two-man crew can safely lift and carry. Anything that can be donated will be given a second chance at life, and appliances and electronics are responsibly recycled.


Our Plano, TX, Dallas, TX and Memphis, TN junk removal service is affordable for any customers because we use estimated volume base pricing. All Needs Covered Services charges for junk removal based upon the amount of space and estimated weight your junk occupies in our trucks, and not the amount of time it takes us to load up your junk for removal.